Want to Dance?

To begin with, a little about Us...

Ain't No Angels management team have been involved in the Adult Entertainment Industry for over 20 years!

We are a Fully Registered, Newcastle based firm with close ties to the local area and a proven determination to represent and support Local Entertainers while catering for our Local Audience.

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What we offer Local Entertainers...

Obviously, we're a booking agency - but we also provide our entertainers and customers with a host of additional services.

We are not like most of the other agents in this industry, who offer you nothing more than an address and a time - expecting you to organise transport, security, costumes and collect any outstanding payments after the show. We do things a little bit differently.

When we book you jobs, not only do we notify you of the time and place but also provide you transport and driver, as well as managing sound, lighting and security. We also provide a female chaperone who will assist you with costumes, props and privacy (while you're changing).

Ain't No Angels staff will collect payments from the customers. This allows you to worry about only what you're good at; providing a great show!

Ain't No Angels will NEVER send you out alone, nor give clients your contact details! For each show, we provide:

  • Transport and Security
  • Laser Lights
  • Music Activated Lights
  • Sound Equipment and Music Library
  • Dance Mats
  • Access to our Costume Library
  • Female Ain't No Angels staff to assist

If you're new to exotic dance, we can also provide you with dance tuition and practice plus assistance with choreography and music.

Our phone lines are also open to our entertainers, 7am til 1am, 7 Days a week, so you can always get us when you need us!

How we find you work...

Ain't No Angels is always working to find you your next show - that's our job! But we take in pride in the fact we do our very best for every entertainer we represent. This means we advertise and work in many ways;

  • The Ain't No Angels Web Site, where our customers can see REAL pictures of all of our entertainers
  • Ain't No Angels Facebook updates and photo galleries 
  • Yearly Adverts in the Yellow Pages
  • Online Yellow Pages Directories that link to this site
  • 123456 - Telstra Call Connect (Strippers) and 1234 - SMS Connect (Strippers)
  • TV Adverts, Flyers and Cards in a number of Newcastle Hotels and Venues
  • 7am til 1am Phone hours - SEVEN Days a Week

Our customer quotes and confirmations are always prompt and in writing (via email) to avoid confusion (and get you the maximum number of jobs) - we can also arrange a Venue for customers.

Do any of the Competition offer that?

Legitimate Exotic Dance companies can be hard to find, especially if you're new! Pitfalls to avoid include companies that do not hold Entertainers Licences, companies that are run our of someone's back room or just have a mobile phone number as the only form of contact. Ain't No Angels is not one of these businesses.

We strive to ensure safe and fair conditions for all the entertainers we represent, within a legitimate Registered Business that holds all appropriate Entertainers Licences so our customers and entertainers can be assured that we wont 'up and vanish'!

Ain't No Angels in the Press -> The Herald, Wednesday, August 22, 2007

All information submitted will be treated with the strictest of confidence and will under no circumstances be made available to or intentionally shared with any person or organisation outside of Ain't No Angels Management for profit or otherwise. Ain't No Angels treats its entertainer's, potential entertainer's and client's right to privacy with the upmost respect, and will do all in our power to ensure the security of this information.

I agree that I am 18 years of age or older at this time and agree to provide legitimate photo ID if I am contacted for an interview. I acknowledge I have read and agree with the notes above. I also understand that sending information does not guarantee that an interview or offer of representation will be granted.