The Rules

In response to previous incidents and to guarantee a safe and discreet environment for both our performers AND valued customers, Ain't No Angels has had to institute a set of simple guidelines for our shows. By booking a show with us you are assumed to have read and agreed with these rules. Please respect them and our Angels - and enjoy the show!


Ain't No Angels Management


Ain't No Angels provides exotic dancers, we do not book pornographic models.

No Video or Motion Recordings of ANY TYPE are permitted. 

Still photography IS permitted ONLY with the permission of Ain't No Angels Entertainers.

If you wish to take ANY Photo's during the show, patrons MUST request permission from the Entertainers BEFORE the show commences! The final decision rests with our Entertainers! NO Permission, NO Photos!

If Patrons breach these guidelines, Ain't No Angels reserves the right to Terminate the show at any time! We've done it before, and unfortunately we will likely be required to do it again!

Safety and Property

Ain't No Angels takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damages or injuries during our shows. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the safety of all property and venues. Aint No Angels is NOT responsible for you, your party, your party guests and anything stupid they chose to do during the show!

Additionally, Ain't No Angels reserves the right to cancel any show that we feel places any of our staff or performs in danger of injury. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Don't Embarrass Yourself

Exotic Dancers often receive requests for 'Extra Services'. Most reputable exotic dance agents, including Ain't No Angels DO NOT provide these extra services EVER!

While this may come as bit of a surprise to some Neanderthal's out there who want more bang for their buck, our Angels are professional exotic dance entertainers ONLY. These ladies put a lot of time and effort into their costumes, appearance and dance routines - while this may seem like an easy job to you, the required confidence and ability to entertain small to large groups (who are genuinely interested in exotic dance) is an uncommon talent.

It takes very little talent for those that provide 'Extra Services'. So if this is what you and your next event are requiring, please contact an escort agency, NOT an exotic dance agency! Ain't No Angels strives to provide the best of exotic dance entertainment in our region so please do not waste your time, our time and the ladies time by asking for 'Extra Services'.